Firstly, can I just say that I actually wanted to label this post down as ‘lifestyle’ because I’d say it definitely fits in that box? Fake tanning for me is life. Very sad, I know… View Post

Summer Sheer Florals | Outfit Post

  I am absolutely in love with making pretty things… not so pretty? I don’t really know what the right word is to describe what I’m getting at but I just like making ‘girly’ things a… View Post

My Summer Shower Essentials

 I never really had this blog idea in mind until I was actually in the shower the other day and thought it was a must.If you don’t follow my weeklyvlogs (seems like I always start… View Post

My Vlogging Equipment

I’ve been making various lists on various different things (I love making lists) and a regular list of mine is ideas for blog posts. I’m definitely fully aware that I’m not the only person that… View Post

Designing My Own Bomber Jacket | Part II

 Well, here we are kids, the finished result. Fab or what?It wasn’t what I thought it would be, even with all the excessive planning, however, I think it turned out even better. I’m going to… View Post