Here come the cliche’s…

Hi, I’m Grace (Olivia Susan) and I’m going to be 23 this year. I live for music (as does most of the population) and I’d consider myself as some sort of multi-tasker, that has many loves. I’m a musician,  photographer, booker and promoter and now blogger and YouTuber. However in the past I have been known to take things on, start them and then give up on them. I suppose that’s inevitable.

I love taking my ideas and making them happen. One of which has been try to make blogging and YouTube some sort of priority. I’d love to regularly blog and upload to YouTube and start getting involved with like minded people. 

I’m also involved with my local venue – The Tunbridge Wells Forum and I’m around local musicians and artist the are striving to get heard and some that have been made it happen! I also have the opportunity to meet and chat with touring bands and artists which is such an honour. As my confidence grows I’d love to be able to use my connections to my advantage and share it with you.

I also share my life with a house rabbit and a mini sausage dog!

That is all.